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Scope of application:

A multi-functional grinding machine is composed of abrasive belt and polishing wheel. The whole grinding process is carried out in dry grinding state. Surface sanding, wire drawing, polishing, deburring, scaling, drawing, slag removal, chamfering and other processing of flat panel parts. The whole process is carried out in the state of wet grinding, aiming at non-ferrous metals such as aluminum, copper, stainless steel and so on.


Equipment configuration:

1。 processing width specification: 350mm, 650mm, 800mm, 1050mm, 1300mm, 1600mm, 2050mm

2. Workpiece feeding mode: rubber roller and belt clip feeding / rubber roller and roller clip feeding / vacuum adsorption feeding / magnetic adsorption feeding

3. minimum machining size:

(1) rubber roller and belt clip feed: 280mm

(2) rubber roller and Roller Pinch feed: 450mm

(3) vacuum adsorption feeding: 50mm * 50mm

(4) magnetic adsorption feeding: 10mm x 10mm

4. feeding speed: 0.5m/min - 11m/min variable frequency electrodeless speed regulation.

5. abrasive belt linear speed: 12m/s - 20m/s variable frequency infinitely variable speed.

6. polishing wheel rotation speed: 600r/min - 2000r/min optional frequency conversion infinitely variable speed.

7. equipment processing thickness opening range: 0.5mm - 80mm

8. CNC M15 and button centralized control of the whole machine.

9. supporting automatic paper tape filter provides circulating grinding fluid and filtering grinding dust.


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